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J. Scott Brownlee

J. Scott Brownlee is a poet from Llano, Texas. His work appears widely and includes the chapbook Highway or Belief, which won the 2013 Button Poetry Prize, as well as Ascension, which won the 2014 Robert Phillips Poetry Prize. His first full-length collection, Requiem for Used Ignition Cap, was selected by C. Dale Young as the winner of the 2015 Orison Poetry Prize. He is a founding member of The Localists, a literary collective that emphasizes place-based writing of personal witness, cultural memory, and the aesthetically marginalized working class, both in the United States and abroad. A former Writers in the Public Schools Fellow at NYU, he currently lives in Brooklyn.




Peter Cole Friedman

Peter Friedman Peter Cole Friedman is a poet and visual artist based in Brooklyn. Recent work has appeared in espresso ink vi, Queen Mobs Teahouse, and Imperial Matters. He is co-founder and -editor of the virtual literary and arts publication glitterMOB.


The Perfect Phospholipids

When my hair is visibly nourished
it is not a mistake
it is something beautiful
I am doing for you
like when I protect you
against heat-damage
or color-fading
with glowing results

& when you touch my
cooling cucumber
& suck the
energizing ginseng
out of me
it is something beautiful
for both of us
as if we were ingredients
in the same anti-aging
neuropeptide complex

& it is something beautiful
& organic when we hold hands
& you feel the
avocado oil & shea butter &
1000% daily value
of vitamin E formulated
to smooth out
my complexion

& when we kiss
it is something beautiful
swapping our
methyl gluceth-20 &
with our
reduced-fat saliva
fragrant with
natural extracts of
orange blossoms &
ripe cherries
natural extracts of
cocoa &
bouqets of peonies
natural extracts of
lavender & rose
& mango flower
& mojito & morning dew
& cantaloupe & sugar cookie

& with no added colors or preservatives
we will remain something beautiful
with less than 1% of
pectin & riboflavin
sulfates & nitrates
to improve
shine & texture
softness & manageability
radiance & shelf-life
with less than 1% of
parabens & phthalates
to lock in moisture
just in case we have an off day
& miss a step in the 3-step system
& forget our t-zones
& break out
& let ourselves go

we will remain something beautiful.
it is not a mistake.


April 17, 2014

My baby bump is the size of capitalism
and my capitalism is the size of my bikini body.
America, my selfie says I want to
look like Kate Middleton. My selfie says guess who
has become a dad for the second time?
Spoiler alert: It’s a big name.
America, you’re right, nothing can’t be fixed
with a little Kris Jenner.
I put a dollop of Kris Jenner on my credit card debt.
I put a dollop of Kris Jenner on my Ted Cruz.
It was delish, btw.
“An eggs benedict situation with truffled chanterelles.”
Source: The National Enquirer, 8 minutes ago.
You’ll never guess who picked me up at the airport.
Spoiler alert: it’s a big name.
America, I have feelings, and they have
a way of becoming other things.
Is this the you in me?
Tiffany Legacy® ring in platinum with
a green tourmaline
and diamonds, $5,200.
My feelings come in just three
easy payments with a Bellini.
My feelings get matching tattoos
with your feelings.
America, let’s return to Brentwood after our Dubai getaway.
Spoiler alert: It is too cold in First Class.
You’ll never guess what we had in our private jet:
“The Biggest Beauty Secrets Ever!”
Source: The Star, 1 minute ago.

Christine Kitano

Christine Kitano is the author of Birds of Paradise. The daughter of a Japanese American father and a Korean immigrant mother, she was born in Los Angeles. She teaches creative writing and Asian American literature at Ithaca College. Recent poems are published in Tar River Poetry, Crab Orchard Review, Newfound Journal, Atticus Review, and Miramar. For more information:


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