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  1. Are you a paying market? You need to make it more clear in your guidelines!

    -I think any market that pays is perfectly willing to make it clear and if it doesn’t say then assume it does not pay. That seems standard to me. However, to make sure it is clear: we do not pay except in contributor copies when we run our annual print edition.

    Managing Editor

  2. I agree with Joy (above). Your website is easy to navigate and the pages are attractive, clean, and easy to read.

    Just curious, does Blue Lyra have a geographical home? The masthead seems to indicate editors live in far-flung places.

    Rita Moe

    From the Managing Editor:
    Thanks for noticing and yes, our editors are different locations – this is the beauty of the Internet! 🙂

    1. Yes, we love prose poems and we tried to have a prose poetry chapbook in each of the upcoming Blue Lyra Press chapbook series available at We are open to all forms of poetry but we particularly love strong imagery and a strong voice, prose poems, long poems, short poems, poems about nature, persona poems, science related, and narrative.

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