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SchlesingerEva Schlesinger is the author of the chapbooks, Remembering the Walker and Wheelchair: poems of grief and healing (Finishing Line Press, 2008), View From My Banilla Vanilla Villa (dancing girl press, 2010), and Ode 2 Codes & Codfish (dancing girl press, 2013). She has received the Literal Latte Food Verse Award as well as been a finalist for Writer’s Digest’s Red Heart: Black Heart Contest and the 2014 Mary Ballard Chapbook Prize. Her poetry credits also include California Quarterly, the Little Red Tree 2012 International Poetry Prize Anthology, and Changing Harm to Harmony: Bullies and Bystanders, ed. Joseph Zaccardi (Marin Poetry Center Press, 2014). She has also completed a young adult novel, Everyone Knows About Aleph. When she isn’t writing, Eva reads voraciously, improvises on xylopipes and Native American flute, and draws wildly colorful, whimsical animals. Find her blog at http://notesfromthecupcakerescueleague.wordpress.com


With You in Hildesheim

Flying with you to Germany
Eating thinly sliced pumpernickel and cheese and muesli
You helped yourself to jam and coffee
I drank berry and fennel tea
You showed me around Hildesheim
Where you lived before the Nazis took over
We visited the park where you liked walking with your parents
I liked walking with you
You took me out to eat
Smiling your twinkly smile
You dug into your whipped cream with gusto
And wore your napkin folded like a crown
You showed me the train station and ordered my ticket,
Speaking patiently in German to the impatient lady behind the glass window
You told me about visiting your aunt and uncle via horse and buggy
We walked everywhere together.
You showed me the statue of Roland
You liked to play near when you were little
And the 1000-year-old rosebush
When I returned from the Steiff Museum,
You stayed up till midnight to greet me
You wanted to hear all about the animals
You laughed with warmth when I told how
I went to Gingen instead of Giengen

I am grateful for that week alone with you
Me being me and you being you

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