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Issue 1.2 Fall 2012

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“Cherry Blossom”
Art by Kaori Hanashima

“Coquina Rock Algae”
Art by Robin Grotke


“Orpheus Detail Invert”
Art by Stephen Mead

Wendi White

Wendi White comes to Norfolk by way of Austin, Vermont, Boston, Mexico, Guatemala, The Philippines, and originally, the Adirondack Mountains of New York. She is an MFA. candidate in the Creative Writing Program at Old Dominion University and the recipient of the 2011 ODU Graduate Poetry Award from the Academy of American Poets.  At home she keeps one husband, two sons, countless books and a dog named Charley. 


Cut Through the Woods

She always took the cut through home,
lover of brooks and log crossings
before sidewalks or curbs,
preferring the wash of wind
through pines to the grinding
of gravel beneath car wheels.

And even when she was forbidden
to slip beneath the hemlocks’
skirts of feathered boughs,
she could not resist
though a murderer hid
in the mountains and she
was turning twelve.

It is quicker through the woods,
it is darker through the woods,
it is wilder through the woods.
and the trees have eyes.