Alexis Groulx

Alexis GroulxAlexis Groulxs work has been previously published in Ayris, After the Pause, Gravel, and Vineyards press. She lives in New Hampshire.




An afternoon with Cal

for D

This cemetery all
stone steps — overgrown
grass. You cautiously step
toward a headstone.
Face it.             206 bones.
A siren whirs on a back road.

Your finger over the R
the L, his name, indentations
his headstone filling –
sponges of moss, cob-webs.
You, hesitant – longing.

Trace my fingers over
the year he died. Wait
for you to ask if we were
trespassing. Take a picture
with your phone, I would shake
my head. The bones don’t know
who is taking care of them.

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