Ashley Parker Owens

Ashley Parker Owens lives in the hills of Kentucky, where the gnomes are. She has lived in San Francisco in an ashram, and in Chicago where she helped with the Second Underground Press Conference and was the creator and editor of Global Mail. After the successful publication of Gnome Harvest by Double Dragon Publishing, Ashley is writing the next novels in the Gnome Stories Series. She has a MFA in Creative Writing at Eastern Kentucky University and an MFA from Rutgers University in Visual Arts.

Ashley is the owner of the indie press KY Story, proud publisher of fifteen anthologies celebrating the Kentucky, Appalachian, and Southern voice. Her work has recently appeared in Hogglepot, Rose Red, Egg Poetry, Boston Poetry Magazine, Quail Bell, Imaginarium, Tinderbox Magazine, The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society, Lorelei Signal and Mystic Signals.

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a never ending gnaw on the arch of your foot when wearing dress shoes or maybe old tennis shoes grind your foot into the ground & grit your teeth or something is in your shoe a tiny rock after taking it off & shaking it nothing ever falls out or an identical itch in the small of your back you can’t quite reach & if you scratch it with a pencil it disappears but returns unsatisfied & raw or the feeling of something crawling up your leg even though nothing’s there or a long single hair from your head ends up stuck in your underwear tugging between your legs when you walk but you can’t pull it out because you’re in public or can’t quite locate it or a lost sneeze hiccups spittle on your cheek an orgasm that won’t light or a mosquito bite in the crease under your knee or a secret whispered with humid breath like a dry wet willy & then the absence of feeling when you least expect it

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