Barbara F. Lefcowitz

Barbara F. LefcowitzBarbara F. Lefcowitz has published nine poetry collections, including her latest, The Blue Train to America (2007). Her fiction, poetry, and essays have appeared in over 600 journals. She has won writing fellowships and prizes from the National Endowment for the Arts, the National  Endowment for the Humanities, and the Rockefeller Foundation, among others. She lives in Bethesda, Maryland and is also a visual artist.


Golden Eyes

Sprawled on the condo pool’s deck
I flip through the paper’s latest catastrophes
look away and gaze
at the semi-circle of catatonic townhouses,
their eyes identically bandaged.
The old mirrors inside them must be lonely and bored
reflecting only a succession of lights and darks
with neither fingerprints nor eyeprints.

On my paper’s back page a few lines
about the images of wild goats
carved into gold Canaanite earrings
recently unearthed from two millennia back
not far from Meggido. At which point
a flock of goats romps and frolics
on the concrete deck and I jump
into the pool’s turquoise eye
float above its zigzags of sun rays.

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