Benjamin Norris

Benjamin NorrisBenjamin Norris is a poet from Bristol, UK, whose work primarily deals with blending the mythic and the mundane, exposing the two to be little more than opposite sides of the same coin. Between writing projects, he lectures on Indian cultural history, and works as an academic linguist. He is currently putting together his debut poetry collection and developing a second novel.


For The Days 

We grow inside houses, and remember each spring
how it seeped through the flooring–
                                          bringing such thoughts, a cracking of dust–
the air will change, even now, as we lie
all bound in to our notional seasons,
fading grasses, and reasons to leave.

Clamber at the windows, catch sight of
woodsmoke, the tricks of trees, language held
in breathing bowls. Hammering, and
a child’s laughter cuts through old years.
These clocks, they do things you wouldn’t believe–
                                        bringing such thoughts, a cracking of dust–
in places, the snows have already come
falling with the precision of needles.


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