Elisabeth Murawski

Elisabeth Murawski is the author of Zorba’s Daughter, selected by Grace Schulman for the 2010 May Swenson Poetry Award, Moon and Mercury and two chapbooks. Hawthornden Fellow 2008. Publications include The Yale Review, The Alaska Quarterly Review, FIELD, et al. She currently resides in Alexandria, VA.


The Birthday Party

The crystal pendant in its box
catches the light. I hold it
in my palm, letting it warm
the lines for life and love,
the five-pointed star I forget
the meaning of. I am caught up
in my jewel song, daughter
of a king. I gush and purr
you shouldn’t have, the giver
smiling at my girlish glee
over a cheap bit of glass.
Always my difficulty: how to be.
Poor magpie in the mulberry,
believing in every shining thing.

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