Evelyn Posamentier

Evelyn Posamentier’s recent books are Poland At The Door, brainiography, and Royal Blue Car. Her poems have appeared in such journals as the Yale Journal of Humanities in Medicine, the New York Quarterly, Drunken Boat, 3 a.m. Magazine, the Mississippi Review, Parthenon West Review, Free Verse, The Quarterly Journal of Ideology, and the American Poetry Review, among others.


I Am Ferminita

i will pray for you.
you always see me wearing
anything gold, lamé or otherwise
salvation or other giveaways
i wear gold, god’s color
i am a minister, i listen
to the holy one, we talk.
i will pray for you
give me your hand
i am ferminita.
one day
i returned to puerto rico
said good-bye to those i needed
to.  now i’m inside. can’t really
walk, the landlord always
at the door.  want to get out
but my feet can’t fit in my shoes
the swelling, more swelling
but i won’t bore you
with this business
this is why you haven’t
seen me at the church.
i have connections.
the other day
i was telling god
to watch over you.


I Am NIkki, Don’t Tell

i think i’m alive.
i either do not speak
or i speak in circles
so fucked up on meth
so chilled without my baby
my baby, my baby, oh yes, my baby
my baby’s with my mother
& with my sister out of juvi
& my younger sister
in south city. it’s not hard to get
back to the civic center, hooking
or whatever,
my mother, my baby my baby
my mother, my sisters.
we all know that someone we call uncle
came for each of us children on mornings
& said swear to not tell anyone when he
brought us home. my baby.

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