Hillary Kobernick

Hillary Kobernick NPS 2015Hillary Kobernick writes poetry for both performance and page. With her spoken word, she has competed at the National Poetry Slam five times, representing Atlanta three times and Chicago twice. She also holds a Master’s of Divinity, meaning she has, in fact, mastered the divine. She currently pastors a small church outside Chicago. Her poetry has appeared in literary magazines in the U.S. and Canada, and is published or forthcoming from Bellevue Literary Review, Barely South, decomP, and Cider Press Review.



There will be peas. For the first time
I am declaring things that will be

coming inside with dirt under fingernails
empty seed packets impersonating wind.

There will be peas.

Here is the other truth:

If I had bigger hands, I would not love more.
I would seed squashes until they grew soft

in my palms, then tuck them like infants
into the arms of friends. And be so angry

when someone reached
over the fence for a tomato.

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