J. Scott Brownlee

J. Scott Brownlee is a poet from Llano, Texas. His work appears widely and includes the chapbook Highway or Belief, which won the 2013 Button Poetry Prize, as well as Ascension, which won the 2014 Robert Phillips Poetry Prize. His first full-length collection, Requiem for Used Ignition Cap, was selected by C. Dale Young as the winner of the 2015 Orison Poetry Prize. He is a founding member of The Localists, a literary collective that emphasizes place-based writing of personal witness, cultural memory, and the aesthetically marginalized working class, both in the United States and abroad. A former Writers in the Public Schools Fellow at NYU, he currently lives in Brooklyn.




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  1. What a magnificent glimpse into pondering; into the process that sometimes takes me from a physical place certain to the edge of the universe and back to the process of my own impending demise and the certain continuity of star dust. Thanks.

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