Joseph Somoza

Joseph Somoza retired from college teaching at New Mexico State University a while ago to have more time for living and writing. His most recent book of poems is As Far As I Know (Cinco Puntos Press, 2015). He lives in Las Cruces with wife Jill, a painter.


Natural Poetry

The poems come and go but sometimes
they stay.  Sometimes a poem is like a thrasher
who lives in your back yard and regularly
pecks in the sand for grubs, even approaching
your lawn chair up to a couple of yards she’s so
obsessed with her search—

or a poem is the old outdoor cat you admire for her
fierce wildness that enables her to catch and eat
a dove raw leaving just a few bloody bones and
white feathers.  She can rub up
to your leg and talk to you without ever
forgetting to sharpen her claws on the old stump.

All around you, doves call back and forth from the
locust trees, hummingbirds and butterflies
emerge near the yucca, not thinking twice
about you sitting in their midst preoccupied
with your insoluble riddles,
involved in their own perambulations
for nectar and love,
like a poem.

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