Kayla Haas

Kayla Haas graduated from Stephen F. Austin with a degree in creative writing. Currently, she is an assistant editor of Gingerbread House Literary Magazine. Her work has appeared in Humid, Circa Review, and The Story Shack.


Another Tamarind Night

She wears black dresses that turn sheer under neon Corona signs, driving him crazy. She sits at the bar with him and pictures a boardwalk in Mexico with shops lining waves. Shops pastel like Easter M&Ms. She’d rather be there. Tequila makes her lonely. She’s the color of honey and he could sop her up with a tortilla.

Lying on the beach, sea salt seasons her pulse and he winds around her body like the boa winds around Nastassja Kinski. They’re in waves, covered in grains of sand mixed with fossils and amber beer glass, and he comforts her with kisses that she accepts, but doesn’t care for. They push. Push. Push close to each other and rest afterwards. The days are too much for them. Her words flow like Agave liqueur through her lips, beckoning him back inside.

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