Kendall Pakula

Kendall PakulaKendall Pakula is currently living in Prague, Czech Republic where she teaches English to children and writes poetry. She studied English at Coastal Carolina University. She plans to pursue an MFA degree in 2016. She enjoys traveling and exploring.


The Good Guest

I am the guest, who returns
and returns for the tea. I am tidy,
though not by nature. I help to clean
the dishes, and I ask you polite
questions. I am the good guest,
who comes when you call—who doesn’t
frown or mourn when you lend
your home to poets who aren’t me.
Sometimes, I see your invitation
in the garden of a friend, and I wonder
where you’ve been or where I’ve gone.
I want to tell you the pretty sentence
I made about the soft sound of a girl
putting up her hair.

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