Kurt Drawert

Kurt Drawert (author) was born in 1956 outside East Berlin (Hennigsdorf). He studied at the Joachim R. Becher Institute for Literature in Leipzig. He is a member of the Free Academy of the Arts in Leipzig and P.E.N. Germany. He has received many of the most important literary awards, such as Ingeborg-Bachmann-Preis (1993), the Leonce-und-Lena-Preis (1989), and has been invited to residencies, for example, in New York City, Istanbul, Bordeaux, Cracow, and Rome (Villa Massimo). His work is characterized by a keen analysis of the process of reunifying East and West Germany and is highly political and controversial in nature. His collected poems are titled »Idylle, rückwärts« (Munich, 2011). Foto Credits: Ute Döring


Paul-Henri Campbell (translator) was born 1982 in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a bilingual poet of German and English. He studied Catholic Theology and Classical Greek at the National University of Ireland and the Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main. He is the author of four volumes of poetry, including ›Space Race‹ (Munich 2015) and ›Am Ende der Zeilen‹ (Leipzig 2014).


Personal Pronoun

The usage of the third person,
of the personal pronoun,
is on the rise. The occasions are increasing,
the results are good. Nobody
creeping after your private diaries
into your inner monologues, nobody eying you,
no further indications of contrived sections
in a history that you
believe to be yours.
Why not be flat out alone
in the more intimate interiors, with the laundry
that can finally be strewn about unwashed,
to be alone with the fish and the depths—
the reasons for a self-inflicted


The German original was recently published in: Kurt Drawert »Idylle Rückwärts«, C.H. Beck Munich 2011.

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