Mary Ann Sullivan

Mary Ann SullivanMary Ann Sullivan is the author of an e-collection of poems, Mending My Black Sweater (Eratio, 2008); a novel, Child of War (Holiday House, 1984), which was named a Notable book in Social Studies by the National Council of Social Studies and Children’s Book Council, a collection of poems, Hermit Day, and numerous digital poems such as “St. Damien of Molokai” and “Shaking the Spiders Out.”

Her work has appeared at BBC Arts Online, BlazeVox, French Literary Review, Jacket, Mezzo Cammin, National Catholic Register, Poetry LibrarySynchronized Chaos and beyond. She has lectured at the New England Conservatory and American Association of University Professors Conference, and is founding editor of Tower Journal, an international online literary journal.


St. Catherine of Siena

She couldn’t write; she’d never learned
so dressed in veil and robe
surrounded by five scribes to whom
by breath she pushed out words

To one she’d start reciting
and while his pen would write
by turns she’d go right round the lot
to next and next and next

Five writings at a time then
to kings and queens and popes
high upon a hill that way
St. Catherine wrote.

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