Mary Meriam

Mary Meriam is author of three poetry chapbooks, editor of Lavender Review, and a mistress of Headmistress Press. Her poems, essays, reviews, and interviews have appeared in Literary Imagination, The New York Times, Ms. Magazine, The Gay & Lesbian Review, American Arts Quarterly, Poetry Northeast, American Life in Poetry, and ten anthologies, including The Bloomsbury Anthology of Contemporary American Jewish Poetry.


Singular Heart 

My heart hurts so. It slides like eels
in an aquarium.
Sucking its little cage, it feels
the slop of meriam

weighty and wildebeest, the squeeze
of skeleton and time.
It hums, a hive of bumblebees,
my honey, my sublime.

It aches for you. It is the road
ou rambled on. It pines
and croaks and taps a secret code
for you, these very lines.

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