Michael Spring

Michael Spring is the author of three poetry collections and five chapbooks. His latest book, Root of Lightning, was awarded an honorable mention for the 2012 Eric Hoffer Book Award. His latest chapbook, Blue Wolf, won the 2013 Turtle Island Poetry Award. His poems have appeared in numerous publications, including Atlanta Review, DMQ Review, Flyway, Gargoyle, Innisfree, The Midwest Quarterly, NEO, and West Wind Review. Michael lives in O’Brien, Oregon. He is a natural builder, martial art instructor, and a poetry editor for The Pedestal Magazine. 


Ghazel for Music

my sister is at her desk reading a score sheet of music
she claims she’s going to dedicate her life to music

this time it’s Mozart who opens the door for me
I didn’t expect to walk into the imaginal world of music

yesterday a man entered the square with a gourd
he said it saved his life because it’s filled with music

I’m not sure how to approach my grandmother on her deathbed
she is talking to the TV saying that it’s lost all sense of music

look at you, Mister Spring, climbing to the top of that tree
yes, we’ve heard your banter about trees making music


Bear Totem

when you need me
I’ll rush toward you
the way a mountain would
all grace in tumble, rumbling
like a newly formed planet
my head made up
of a thousand other heads
my eyes filled
with the light of star (a star made up
of a thousand other stars)

my body will surge forward
all earth-tones roiling towards black
and void
and fringed with sylvan light
I’ll leap from constellation into you
I’ll take you into the heart
of the heart of the mountain

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