Natalie Fisher

Natalie Fisher was raised in Alabama and currently lives in Israel, where she is pursuing an M.A. in Creative Writing from Bar Ilan University. Her work is featured in arc-23,Thirteen Myna Birds, and Poetica Magazine.


Watering the Roses

The monkey grass is tall, so I
gather peas with one swift thrill
of finger, squeeze until they change
to black juice staining palm. Her voice
makes the air feel heady, draws me deeper
into the garden, where she shows me how
to cradle root in belly of earth, to know
where I belong. She scratches ankle
with painted toenail, unsticks hair
from freckled forehead, so beautiful
that tiny buds sprout from my skin.
Softly she explains that wild things
need water. I pick up the garden hose
and spray her ‘til she’s dripping.

2 thoughts on “Natalie Fisher”

  1. Strong images, strong picture. “Her voice makes the air feel heady”–oh I am right there with you! And I will stay there with you, just as a poem should make me.

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