Peter Cole Friedman

Peter Friedman Peter Cole Friedman is a poet and visual artist based in Brooklyn. Recent work has appeared in espresso ink vi, Queen Mobs Teahouse, and Imperial Matters. He is co-founder and -editor of the virtual literary and arts publication glitterMOB.


The Perfect Phospholipids

When my hair is visibly nourished
it is not a mistake
it is something beautiful
I am doing for you
like when I protect you
against heat-damage
or color-fading
with glowing results

& when you touch my
cooling cucumber
& suck the
energizing ginseng
out of me
it is something beautiful
for both of us
as if we were ingredients
in the same anti-aging
neuropeptide complex

& it is something beautiful
& organic when we hold hands
& you feel the
avocado oil & shea butter &
1000% daily value
of vitamin E formulated
to smooth out
my complexion

& when we kiss
it is something beautiful
swapping our
methyl gluceth-20 &
with our
reduced-fat saliva
fragrant with
natural extracts of
orange blossoms &
ripe cherries
natural extracts of
cocoa &
bouqets of peonies
natural extracts of
lavender & rose
& mango flower
& mojito & morning dew
& cantaloupe & sugar cookie

& with no added colors or preservatives
we will remain something beautiful
with less than 1% of
pectin & riboflavin
sulfates & nitrates
to improve
shine & texture
softness & manageability
radiance & shelf-life
with less than 1% of
parabens & phthalates
to lock in moisture
just in case we have an off day
& miss a step in the 3-step system
& forget our t-zones
& break out
& let ourselves go

we will remain something beautiful.
it is not a mistake.


April 17, 2014

My baby bump is the size of capitalism
and my capitalism is the size of my bikini body.
America, my selfie says I want to
look like Kate Middleton. My selfie says guess who
has become a dad for the second time?
Spoiler alert: It’s a big name.
America, you’re right, nothing can’t be fixed
with a little Kris Jenner.
I put a dollop of Kris Jenner on my credit card debt.
I put a dollop of Kris Jenner on my Ted Cruz.
It was delish, btw.
“An eggs benedict situation with truffled chanterelles.”
Source: The National Enquirer, 8 minutes ago.
You’ll never guess who picked me up at the airport.
Spoiler alert: it’s a big name.
America, I have feelings, and they have
a way of becoming other things.
Is this the you in me?
Tiffany Legacy® ring in platinum with
a green tourmaline
and diamonds, $5,200.
My feelings come in just three
easy payments with a Bellini.
My feelings get matching tattoos
with your feelings.
America, let’s return to Brentwood after our Dubai getaway.
Spoiler alert: It is too cold in First Class.
You’ll never guess what we had in our private jet:
“The Biggest Beauty Secrets Ever!”
Source: The Star, 1 minute ago.

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