René Agostini

René Agostini (poet) is a poet and a percussionist and a professor at Université d’Avignon, France.


June Sylvester Saraceno (translator) is author of two full poetry collections, of Dirt and Tar (Cherry Grove Collections, 2014), and Altars of Ordinary Light as well as a chapbook of prose poems, Mean Girl Trips. Her work has appeared in many journals including American Journal of Nursing, The Pedestal, Silk Road, Smartish Pace, Southwestern American Literature, Tar River Poetry, and Worcester Review. Her work has been anthologized in several journals including A Bird as Black as the Sun, Cradle Songs, Tahoe Blues, and others. She is a professor and English Program Chair at Sierra Nevada College, Lake Tahoe, and founding editor of the Sierra Nevada Review.


Walking along the Rhone

“I am the god
that forges the fire
in the mind”
(Anonymous – Ireland, no date)

the city stands
by the flowing water
it is hard, solid, but
its image in the water contests its permanence
drowned as it is in the reflection of the sky
(reflections twice shifting
by the wind in the clouds
by the flow of water)

the world calculates its longstanding vertigo
and its dissolution
the only permanence is what passes:
water, wind, clouds

the city stands
by the edge of the water, under heaven
it is hard, solid, but
its reflections in the water
mixed with those of the sky
are more true than its walls, streets
squares, facades
its flickering reflections
are even stronger, more lasting
more concrete
than its tallest buildings

the city stands
but its walls, streets
squares, facades –
all are demonstrations
of nothing …

water runs and deploys its surfaces
mirrors the well of heaven
the water passes, running water
with wind and clouds
that reveal the city –
the empty space of our lives …

(from Source and Thirst)



Promenade au bord du Rhône

« je suis le dieu
qui façonne le feu
dans la tête
(Anonyme –Irlande, indatable)

la ville tient debout
au bord de l’Eau passante
elle est dure, solide, mais
ses reflets dans l’Eau contestent sa permanence
noyés qu’ils sont dans les reflets du Ciel
(reflets deux fois mouvants
et par le Vent dans les Nuages
et par l’écoulement de l’Eau)

le monde depuis longtemps calcule son vertige
et sa dissolution
l’unique permanence est celle de ce qui passe
L’Eau le Vent les Nuages
installent leur passage…

la ville tient debout
au bord de l’Eau et sous le Ciel
elle est dure, solide
mais ses reflets dans l’Eau
mêlés à ceux du Ciel
sont plus vrais que ses murs, ses rues
ses places, ses façades
ses reflets tremblotants
sont plus durs, plus solides
plus concrets
que ses plus hautes constructions

la ville tient debout
mais ses murs, ses rues
ses places, ses façades
toutes ces démonstrations
ne sont rien…

l’Eau déroule et déploie sa surface
miroir du puits du Ciel
l’Eau passante, l’Eau courante
avec le Vent et les Nuages
nous révèlent la ville -et le rien de nos vies…

(extrait de Source et Soif)

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