Sophia Pandeya

Bia 8_0003 copySophia Pandeya is an Asian-American poet. Her writing dwells in the liminal, engaging with borders that are linguistic, cultural, religious, temporal, personal, geographical, and metaphysical. Her poetry has been published in the print anthologies, Cactus Heart, Askew Poetry, Bank Heavy Press, Spilled Ink, Poetry International, The Adirondack Review, The Daily OLantern Journal, Convergence Journal AntiSerious and Full Of CrowPeripheries, her debut collection of poems, is being published by Cyberhex Press in September.  


Mona Lisa Postcard

Twilight’s Muse, each day you banished
afternoon as if it was a fiction born

from closed lips of velvet curtains, fanning
dusks embers until finally, they flared

flame’s bruise spreading wide upon a sky
turning her other cheek where hawks

carved carousels of arcs, pilgrims and sharks
all in one, while below, raking in the warm

first-shorn of summer lawns stung millions
of minions, humming droves of drones

that took and took their tithes and these
daily maws of man and beast you tried

to fend off or feed with manna descended
from heavens of once-hennaed hands

fine fluid that could fill any china except
your own country, dark continent endless

spoonfuls of sugar could not sweeten
the omens unread as tea leaves dried

gloss of salt on your face leaving only
faint navigations for the lost at sea

to decipher true north among the blind
nuptial stars buried in bolts of cloth

embroidered graves, yards
where you had played, girl

who would be bird, now brood, still
your antics jangled occasionally, keys

to doors of drowned cities, licit, listless
demure, taboo legs in *shalwar webs

now no longer mosquito bitten
the itch, an urge quite forgotten

your face, a jigsaw puzzle but
no matter which way you cued

the Mona Lisa postcard, her smile
was a vanished magic. Just like you


*shalwar: Baggy pants worn in South Asia

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