Stephanie Roberts

stephanie_roberts_poetstephanie roberts is an interdisciplinary artist whose poetry has been featured or is forthcoming in issues of Contemporary Verse 2 and A Literation Magazine. Originally from Brooklyn, she lives in a wee town just outside of Montréal.



People Believing Badly

those of us who’ve seen miracles know how to ask.
if you’ve asked, do you love me, i almost certainly
do not love you. and if,
in a flu-ish bout of poor judgement,
i’ve asked likewise then,
like death and taxes, by now you’ve retired
with fire, to your silent
battle station. be that as it is.

we agree, without asking, to say nothing about all this strident
confused unbelief, keeping our conversations
to the whether [sic] and that guy who can swallow
a rubik’s cube, through his mustard-colored disaster of teeth,
solving the puzzle of it (via revolting convolutions in gut)
before regurgitation. i bet that guy believes in i love you.
i bet that guy asks for anything he wants.

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