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BLR’s 2nd Annual Contest (2015)


Poetry Contest now closed.

Submissions will be through Submittable only.

Our judges for 2015 were:

Jeffrey Schultz (Long-ish Poems/Poem Series)
Sheryl St. Germain
 (Short-ish Poems)
T. B. A. 
(Flash Fiction in October)

Winners in each genre received a $100 prize and publication in BLR Anthology Volume III, to be released in early 2016. One runner-up from each genre will receive online publication and a free copies of the anthology, and finalists will receive notation in the anthology and be considered for publication either online or in print.

Please submit your entry fee  and your work to Blue Lyra Review Submittable. You have the option to purchase the third print issue for a small additional seven dollars. If shipping outside U.S. there is additional $5.50 fee if purchasing the print issues. The fee covers all categories, for any one entry. We highly encourage you to read our print edition but not required to be entered. Why? Because we want as many people as possible to read the wonderful voices found within each of our issues.

You may submit multiple entries. We accept only unpublished work. We allow simultaneous submissions, but we ask that you notify us promptly of publication elsewhere. Please keep the blind reading & judging in place. What does this mean? To avoid being disqualified, do not send us an email about your withdrawal but go into your Submittable account and withdraw the piece, or if it is one poem or flash fiction piece from a group of submissions, then add a note that one of the pieces has been withdrawn. Also do not put your name as your file or in your file.

No extensions to the deadline. We firmly stand by this.

Winners will be announced within 8-12 weeks of contest closing.  


Blue Lyra Review’s 2015 Shortish Poems:

Winner – Monic Ductan’s “How to be Massaged by a Man you Think you no Longer Love” (published in 2016 print companion)

Runner Up – Michaelle Gaffney’s “Found” (published in 2016 print companion)

Semi-Finalists (in alphabetical order) –

Kelli Allen’s “Market Day in Someone Else’s City”
Carol Bachofner’s “Hipster, Gangster, Poet”
Michaelle Gaffney’s “The Pack”
Lizzi Wolf’s “Blue Frog”


Blue Lyra Review’s 2016 Longish Poems:

Winner – Jed Myers’ “Movie Day” (published in 2016 print companion)

Runner Up – Withdrawn

Semi-Finalists (in alphabetical order) –

Kevin Clark’s “Aunt Rosas Idea”
Kelly McQuain’s “Artery”
Judith Skillman’s “Kingdom Come”

Our wonderful 2015 Readers were:

Jennifer Jackson Berry, Natalie Christine Mattila, Jillian Phillips, Ron Salutsky, Marissa Schwalm, and Sarah Winn.      

Entries ONLY accepted during the above dates.


Last year’s winners were:

Blue Lyra Review’s 2014 Short-ish Poetry Prize

Winner – Mobi Warren’s “Sesame Seeds Pray” (published in our print anthology volume 2)

Runner Up – Gail Goepfert’s “Revivy” (published in Spring 2015 edition)


Blue Lyra Review’s 2014 Flash Fiction Prize

Winner William Hawkin’s “Picking Up Zoos” (published in our print anthology volume 2)

Runner Up –  Gordon Ball’s “The Breaking” (published in Spring 2015 edition)


Blue Lyra Review’s 2014 Living Earth Nonfiction Prize

Winner Julie Jeanell Leung’s “Reclamation” (published in our print anthology volume 2)

Runner Up –  Chelsey Clammer’s “I Live in a Town” 


Blue Lyra Review’s 2014 Longish Poem Prize

Winner –  Susanna Lang’s “The Long Way Back” (published in our print anthology volume 2)

Runner-Up – David Kann’s “The Language of the Farm” (published in Spring 2015 edition)

Our readers for last year’s contest (who we are super grateful for) include:

Ann Beman, Michelle Brafman, Brittany D. Clark, Risa Denenberg, Donelle Dreese, Anthony Frame, Iris Graville,
Brett Elizabeth Jenkins, Kelly Miller, Lauren Michele Plitkins,
Nichole L. Reber, Nomi Stone, and Annaliese Wagner.

While we read “blind,” please note our policy on Conflicts of Interest: Students, faculty, staff, associates or administrators currently affiliated with the judges are ineligible for consideration or publication in that category.  

Blue Lyra Review adheres to the CLMP Contest Code of Ethics.  You can find the CLMP Code of Ethics and our Contest Procedures here, and email any questions to .



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