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Nurit Zarchi

Nurit Zarchi (author)  is one of the leading authors in Israel. She had published poetry, novels, short stories, essays and over 100 books for children. She has received every major Israeli award for her poetry, children and youth literature, including the Prime Minister’s Prize twice (1980; 1991), the Ze’ev Prize (five times), the Education Minister’s Prize for Lifetime Achievement (2005), the Landau Prize for Poetry (2013), the Devorah Omer Prize for Lifetime Achievement (2014) and the Arik Einstein Prize (2015).


Gili Haimovich (translator) is a poet and translator published internationally. She had translate into Hebrew poets such as Fiona Samson, Lois Michel Unger, Micael Dikel and Dara Barnat and some Israeli poets into English. Her translations and poetry appear or forthcoming in journals such as Poetry International, World Literature Today, International Poetry ReviewPoem – International English Language Quarterly, Asymptote, LRC – Literary Review of Canada, Recours au Poème, Drain Magazine, Mediterranean Poetry. She had had published a poetry collection in English titled Living on a Blank Page (Blue Angel Press, 2008) and in six volumes of poetry in Hebrew. Her last book Landing Lights came out earlier this year and won a grant in Israel as did her previous book Baby Girl. Gili works also as a writing focused arts therapist and educator.


There was a reason or two
That detained me from discovering America

Other than the storms, fear of deep water
And a couple of sailors omitted on the island,

Other than the mice scampering on the deck
Those who are called rats in realistic literature
Except in the fine print –

I always felt the ship was drowning
Maybe that’s why I sided
With the Indians, the Spaniards 
And handed chocolate to
The girls in the army’s prison.

But secretly I too coveted the Cajamarca gold
I too dreamed of exploring wonderful countries
Like when I found out what’s what –
While it’s already late –
And I’m here.


* By Nurit Zarchi from her book Abel will Kiss Me, The Bialik Institute Publishers, 2013