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Issue 2.1 Spring 2013

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"Yellow Trailer Wonder Valley, CA" Art by Deborah Martin.
“Yellow Trailer Wonder Valley, CA” Art by Deborah Martin.


"Missing Jacques" Art by Candace Fasano.
“Missing Jacques” Art by Candace Fasano.


"The Birds" Art by Christopher Woods.
“The Birds” Art by Christopher Woods.


Allen Braden | Anniversary Card
Carol Hebald | Winter Dawn
Esther Altshul Helfgott | Pantoum For Uncle Izzy
Paul Hostovsky | Poem
Barbara F. Lefcowitz | Golden Eyes
Kelly McQuain | Strawberries, Limoncello, Water Ice, Passing Time
George Moore | Fast As Saint Ignatius
Elisabeth Murawski | That’s Life
Martin Ott | Bandits | Refrain
Linda Pastan | Like A Bird | Legacies
Barry Seiler | Yarhrzeit
Elaine Terranova | Stairway
Arnie Weingart | The Rothko Chapel
Changming Yuan | Y


Elizabeth Edelglass | Family Circle
Abbigail N. Rosewood | The Ones We Keep
Annaliese Wagner | How To Jump Rope


Karen Donley-Hayes | Hens On A Porch
Jennifer Maritza McCauley | Home Ghosts
Joan Moritz | Penguins In Flight
Renée K. Nicholson | Coda: Partnering
Gary Presley | Knife
Enid Shomer | Small

Artist Spotlight:

Aron Wisenfeld


Rosa Alice Branco | The Girls Were Lovely Lithe | The Men’s Hands Would Graze
**Alexis Levitin
Lidia Kosk | The Moon Above The Wild Apple Tree
**Danuta E. Kosk-Kosicka
Maria Teresa Ogliastri | To Be Empress | Alfalfa Sprouts
**Yvette Neisser Moreno
**Patricia Bejarano Fisher
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe | Third Roman Elegy
**Brett Ortler


** Indicates translators

Carol Hebald

Carol HebaldFollowing a 12-year career as an actor on the New York stage, Carol Hebald enrolled as a freshman at the City College of CUNY, where she studied full time as an English Major. She received her B.A. in 1969: Phi Beta Kappa, magna cum laude, with high honors in English. Subsequently granted a Teaching and Writing Fellowship in fiction at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, she received an MFA in 1971. She is the author of the memoir, The Heart Too Long Suppressed (Northeastern University Press, 2001), a novella collection, Three Blind Mice (Unicorn Press, 1989), and more recently, two poetry collections from March Street Press: Spinster by the Sea (2005) and Little Monologs (2004). Links to reviews of, and excerpts from her books are on her Website: www.CarolHebald.com.


Winter Dawn

With so much too much night to bear
let beauty bow open your mouth.
Called on to speak, keep silent.
This bright wilderness the birds know.

In the blue wind, on this hill
all is distance and no breath.
Only the cold scream of the fox
trembles to your breast.

All status drops from you,
you love,—
The gentle light shines
in the eye of the beast.

Daughter, will you dance,
fling out your bloodbright mane,
tame the wilderness in him,
or let his heart alone?