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Issue 2.4 Fall 2013

Theme Issue: Stories We’d Rather Not Tell

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"Tuk Tuk with Monks" Art by Bernardo Medina
“Tuk Tuk with Monks”
Art by Bernardo Medina


Julie Brooks Barbour | A Gamble | No Destination
Robert Perry Ivey | Letter To Tally Bryant Ivey
Marilyn Kallet | What Will Baby Eat?
EJ Koh | Division | Visiting My Estranged Mother At A-802 Adena Luce In Seoul, Korea
Mary Meriam | Singular Heart

Minh Pham | Chasing A Boy | A Sister’s Love
Lauren Plitkins | Rebeca
Jade Ramsey | The Anger Of Flowers
Dale Ritterbusch | The Stump
Jorge Sanchez | The Poet | The Sounds Now
Nancy Scott | The Outside Rear Steps
Philip Terman | Teaching My Daughter The Mourner’s Kaddish | Putzing Around
Pia Taavila-Borsheim | Showdown | Chance


Michelle Auerbach | Geriatric Safe Sex
Judith Skillman | Me And Claire Marie

Spotlight On Artist:

Nicoletta Ceccoli



"With Suitcases" Art by Jesse Wells
“With Suitcases”
Art by Jesse Wells

"Power King II" Art by Karen Hackenberg
“Power King II”
Art by Karen Hackenberg



Natalie Friedman | The Shivers
Debra Fox | He Doesn’t
Tiff Holland | Sign Language
Roz Leiser | Urban Legend
Carla Sarett | Sam’s Will
A. M. Thompson | Amnesia 


Chantal Bizzini | Bloom
**Marilyn Kallet
Moshe Dor | Sentimentality
**Barbara Goldberg
Mordechai Geldman | Voice
**Tsipi Keller
Victor Hugo | (Even as the Sailor)
**Julie Kane

Book Reviews:

Coming Close: Forty Essays on Philip Levine {Review by Lenore Weiss}

**Indicates translators


"Unraveling" Art by Terra Holcomb
Art by Terra Holcomb