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Issue 5.3 Fall 2016

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"Waiting" by Brett Amory
“Waiting” by Brett Amory 

"Folly" by Brett Amory
“Folly” by Brett Amory

"Block Drugs Waiting" by Brett Amory
“Block Drugs Waiting” by Brett Amory

(Guest Edited by Karen George)

P. V. Beck | In the Deep Midwinter
Lorcán Black | Fields | Tapestry
Bruce Bond | New Moon
D. H. Bruun | the blacksmith
Kathleen Boyle | Fire at the Grand Storehouse of the Tower of London, 1841 | Sierra Valley
Sherry Chandler | Rhapsody in Common Time | For the Nameless Grandmother in the Attic
Lori Desrosiers | Salt
Kate Fadick | When Hildegard cannot sleep | In my dream of Hildegard | When Hildegard drops a blue sapphire into her wine…
Annie Hinkle | Across the Atlantic   
Marilyn Kallet | Paris Elegy | Ode to a Lost Poet
Tim Mayo | The Mussel Pickers
Mary Moore | Ear To the Sun
Sarah Nix | The Easel | Museum Pieces | Seascape
Susanna Lang | Tulips | In the Garden
Nancy Chen Long | A Drift of Dust
Triin Paja  | Murmuration | Thanatos | Senescence
Barbara Sabol | Echolocation
Wally Swist | Black Bear
Andrea Uptmor | When K Gets Home
Patrick Venturella | The Geologist | The Lake Is Ink
Will Wells | Beneath the Seal, Ferrara | Under an Amulet, Venice Ghetto


Amanda Boyle | Following
Ashley Kunsa | Marine Life
Sharla R. Yates | Two Truths and a LIE


Bruce Black | The End of Shloshim
Chauna Craig | A Glittering of Hummingbirds, a Charm
Heather Durham | Earth to Earth
Margot Anne Kelley | Living While Large
Jen Soriano | Making the Tongue Dry
Clinton Peters | Sailing the Iowa Sea 


Anastasia Afanasieva | She Speaks | “I Used to Like…” | **Olga Livshin and Andrew Janco
Marat Baskin | The Mad Trumpet Player’s Wife | **Nina Kossman
Eduardo Milán | Undress Your Language | **John Oliver Simon
Elhanan Nir | This Winter | **Ross Weissman

Book Review:

Raymond Wong | I’m Not Chinese | Review by Charse Yun

Spotlight on a Press:

Broadstone Books | Review by Nettie Farris


**Indicates Translators