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Issue 3.2 Spring 2014

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"The Thirsty Cup" Art by Lara Zankoul
“The Thirsty Cup” Art by Lara Zankoul

"Midnight" Art by Rose Blouin
“Midnight” Art by Rose Blouin

"The Thirsty Cup 2" Art by Lara Zankoul
“The Thirsty Cup 2” Art by Lara Zankoul



Lucille Lang Day | Rituals | I Am Afraid
Julie R. Enszer | Imperfect
Natalie Fisher | Watering the Roses
Kayla Haas | Another Tamarind Night
Cheryl Anne Latuner | What Rests in the Earth
Hart L’Ecuyer | Carnival in Neosho, Missouri | A Subway in New York with Hart Crane
Zvi A. Sesling | Excerpt from the Inquisition
Adrienne Su | Procrastination
Wally Swist | Dinner with Camus
Donna Vorreyer | Finding A Way | Instructions for Stones



Sara Henning  | Cutting It Down
R A Santos  | Body in Hands
Sarah Seltzer  | Disorder


Book Reviews:

Rutu Modan | The Property | review by Maya Klein
Elaine Starkman | Hearing Beyond Sound | review by Zara Raab


Balvinder Banga | Bare Footed Dreams of my Father
Ellen Brooks | Dayenu
Susan Knox | Autumn Life
Tom Leskiw | Family Matters



Edna Aphek | My Father
Moshe Dor | Old People Talking | **Barbara Goldberg
Inna Kabysh | Triptych | **Katherine E Young
Kim Myung Won | 49th Day | On the Road | **EJ Koh


Spotlight on an Artist:

Vanessa Marsh



**Indicates translators