Zeynep Uzunbay

Zeynep Uzunbay was born in the Karaözü district of Kayseri in 1961. After primary and middle school, she graduated from the Vocational High School for Health and served as a nurse in Turhal and Tokat. In 1985, she graduated from the Faculty of Literature in Gazi University. Since 1995, she has published four collections of poetry: Sabahçi Su Kiyilari (Morning Water Shores) in 1999; Yasamask (Lifelove) in 1998; Kim’e (Who For) in 2003; and Yara Fali (Telling Wounds) in 2006. In 1998 and 2004, she received awards for her poetry, some of which has been translated into Italian and English. After teaching in several schools, she retired in 2006. Uzunbay presently lives in Izmir, where she continues to write her own poetry and articles on the poetry of others.

Arzu Eker Roditakis (co-translator) has a BA in Communication Studies from Istanbul University and an MA degree in Translation from Bo?aziçi University Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies, where she also began her doctoral studies and gave courses on translation theory, practice and criticism. Her MA thesis, Publishing Translations in the Social Sciences since the 1980s: An Alternative View of Culture Planning in Turkey was published by Lambert Academic Publishing in 2010. She currently resides in Greece, where she is working at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki on her doctoral dissertation on the English translations of Orhan Pamuk’s fiction. Since 2006, she has been participating in the CWTTL, where she has collaborated in the translation of fiction and poetry into Greek and English. In collaboration with Saliha Paker, she produced a first-time English translation of a chapter from Cemil Meriç’s Bu Ülke, which was published in the Journal of Levantine Studies in 2011.

Elizabeth Pallitto (co-translator) has lived in New York, Boston, and Istanbul, where she was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Kadir Has University. She received a PhD in Comparative Literature from the Graduate Center of City University of New York and a Master’s in Creative Writing from New York University. Dr. Pallitto teaches creative writing, rhetoric, and literature at CUNY. She has published translations from the Italian of poetry by Campanella, Velardinello, Fioravanti, and the Iraqi exile Thea Laitef. In 2007, she published Sweet Fire: Tullia d’Aragona’s Poetry of Dialogue and Selected Prose, the first English version of d’Aragona’s 1547 Rime. Her articles appear in Hybrido: Arte y Literatura, Comitatus, and Renaissance Quarterly; translations in Philosophical Forum and Forum Italicum; and original poetry in Litspeak, Fox Chase Review, and The North American Review. Her poetry collection “That Other Garden” was awarded First Place in the Academy of American Poets’ CWP competition. In 2004, she moved to Istanbul and began the journey that led to Cunda.



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