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the Delphi Poetry Series


The Play is The Thing: Poems & Prose about the Theater

Delphi Volume 4

Ting Gou, Claire Zoghb, Erin Redfern

Aaron Wiesenfeld's The Garden
Aaron Wiesenfeld’s The Garden

Delphi Volume 5 (fiction)

Diane Payne, Chella Courington, Lana Spendl

Alicia Armstrong's Words Never Listen
Alicia Armstrong’s Words Never Listen

Currently Available:


Volume One: (Feb. 15, 2016)
$13.99, 82 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0692598900
ISBN-10: 0692598901

BookCoverPreview.V1. Final Cover

Anna Leahy: Sharp Miracle

Karen L. George: The Fire Circle

Robert Perry Ivey: Letters to my Daughter

Anna Leahy
Anna Leahy

Karen George
Karen George

Robert Perry Ivey
Robert Perry


Volume Two: (Mar. 15, 2016)
$13.99, 82 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0692609767
ISBN-10: 0692609768

BookCoverPreview v2 two

Joy Ladin: Answers to the Name “Lucky”

Jennifer Litt: Maximum Speed through Zero

Tasha Cotter: Torch

Robin Grotke. State Fair (cover for Vol 2)
Robin Grotke. State Fair (cover for Vol 2)

Joy Ladin
Joy Ladin

Jennifer Litt
Jennifer Litt

Tasha Cotter
Tasha Cotter

Delphi Volume 3: (Sept 17, 2016)

$13.99, 91 pgs

Aaron Bauer: Colloquy of Sparrows

Francine Rubin: City Songs

Meghan Sterling: How We Drift

ISBN-13: 978-0692761878
ISBN-10: 069276187X

Margret Hofheinz Doring's Harmony of Creatures


What exactly is The Delphi Series?

3 chapbooks in one perfect-bound volume with emphasis on diversity but not exclusively so. Each contain three separate writers.

For more detailed information on Volume 1 and 2 of the Delphi Series, explore our press website: Blue Lyra Press.

We will look for more chapbooks in summer of 2016. We are looking for work that has a strong theme or series of linked poems (like narrative and prose but open to anything). It should be under 25 pages (exceptions may be made). While we hope to have both emerging and established poets, our goal is to have each poet in the volume gain new audiences by being exposed to the other two poets’ readers. Payment will be in books.

Currently this is being edited by Matthew Silverman, but open to having other editor(s) with connections take over.

While the submissions are currently filled and closed, you can submit to our first anthology call. We are looking for poems, flash, and essays about the theater and stage. It could be about a character from a play or a theater employee or an actor/actress or even a famous theater.  Send through Submittable.

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