Premiere Issue

Issue 1.1: Summer 2012

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“Photosynthesis” Photo by Gin Conn


“Gray with Warm Lights”
Photo by Robin Grotke

2 thoughts on “Premiere Issue”

  1. What a joyous surprise, to happen upon your poetry site, each poet’s voice fresh and provocative. Thank you. What a fine way to spend Sunday afternoon, being taught, entertained, given new eyes through poets’ vision.

    1. Oh great! that makes our day! We are excited by the poems and the essays! Next issue we will be having 6 artists, 10 poets, several nonficiton essays, AND short fiction AND translations! Yowser that is a lot, right?!

      Oh you want a preview for the Oct 30th issue! Alright! Come back to see Marge Piercy’s fiction (last issue was a fantastic poem), and stay tuned for Yehoshua Novemember (poetry), Yvette Neisser Moreno (poetry), and Thelma Zirkelbach (nonfiction)!

      Plus more!

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