Issue 2.3 August 2013 (Poetry)

Poetry Only & Turkish Poets Issue 

Guest Edited by Lenore Weiss


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“Yeonkkoch series II” Art by Myong Stebbins.



Karen Craigo | Neither Created Nor Destroyed | Naming What Is
Lyle Daggett | The Greig Concerto | Apparition
Jim Davis | Fair Season, 1993
Grace Marie Grafton | Manifest | Sequestor | Entice
Julie Kane | Something Like A Telephone | Runner
Adrian C. Louis | Xmas At Wakpamni | Shadows | Gaudeamus Igitur 2.0
Florence Miller | Forebears
Garrett Murphy | Check, Please Don’t | The Adventure of Blackhoodlum, Chapter Umpteen or Whatever | 
Melinda Palacio | When She Calls | When They First Come | Wet Mask
Evelyn Posamentier | I Am Ferminita | I Am Nikki Don’t Tell
Yiskah Rosenfeld | Four Klippot | Naamah | How The Sun Makes Love To The Moon
Nina Serrano | The Angel Of Death | 56th Birthday Insomnia
Genaro Smith | View From The Veranda Grasping | Grasping | Propaganda | A Museum Of Trees
Elaine Starkman | At A Russian Circus, Sochi, On The Black Sea, 1990 | For Sarah Simmons 1921-2013 | Day Of Atonement for Leon
Gary Turchin | The Poet’s Laureate’s Bald Spot | The Thicket

"Making of Brothers (2010)" Art by Dmitry Borshch.
“Making of Brothers (2010)” Art by Dmitry Borshch. 



Gülten Akin | Spring
**Saliha Paker
Haydar Ergülen | Lost Brother
**Arzu Eker Roditakis and Elizabeth Pallitto
Ana Minga | I Have Sought The Dead Among The Living
**Alexis Levitin
Murathan Mungan | In A Way
**Gökçenur C. and Mel Kenne
Hasan Ali Toptas | from Loneliness #5
**Mel Kenne and Sehnaz Tahir Gürcaglar
Guven Turan | San Gimignano
**Ruth Christie
Zeynep Uzunbay | Wet
**Arzu Eker Roditakis and Elizabeth Pallitto

Book Reviews:

Christina Pugh’s Grains of the Voice {Review by Zara Raab}
Fiona Sze-Lorrain’s My Funeral Gondola {Review by Zara Raab}
Fiona Sze-Lorrain Interview by Zara Raab

"Blue Window" Art by Ira Joel Haber.
“Blue Window” Art by Ira Joel Haber.

**Indicates translators





"Blue Fence" Art by Ira Joel Haber.
“Blue Fence” Art by Ira Joel Haber.