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Vol 3: Cover by Nick Veasey
Vol 3: Cover by Nick Veasey

Our third print issue with ALL New work (2015) will be available Feb. 2016 for $8. (Normally $10 – on sale now!)

It includes artwork by Nick Veasey. Also we are pleased to share all new work from Renee Ashley, K. B. Ballentine, Laura Cesarco (translated by Jesse Lee Kercheval & Catherine Jagoe), Neil Connelly, Patti Crouch, J. P. Dancing Bear, Monic Ductan, Michelle Gaffney, Sharon Hashimoto, Jacqueline Haskins, Tom Holmes, Fabienne Josaphat, Chelsea Kindred, Christine Kitano, Lois Marie-Harrod, Meiko Ko, Jed Myers, Rajiv Mohabir, Marc Morgenstern, JoDean Nicolette, Cassie Pruyn, Karl Sherlock, Tim Seibles, Li Shang-Yin (translated by Ann Yu Huang), Martha Silano, Jonathan Travelstead, Francisco Urondo (translated by Julia Leverone), & Kirby Wright.


cover by Tommy Ingberg - click pic to purchase
Vol 2: Cover by Tommy Ingberg – click pic to purchase

Our second print issue (2013-2014) is available too for $7.00 or you can get both volume 1 & 2 for $10. It is a selection of our second year plus new work.

It includes artwork by Tommy Ingberg. Also we are pleased to showcase poems, stories, essays, and translations by: Hanif Willis Abdurraqib, Paul Adkins, Balvinder Banga, Julie Brooks Barbour, Paul Beckman, Kurt Caswell, James Chaarani, Andrew Cox, Patti Crouch, Lucille Lang Day, Karen Wild Diaz, Regina DiPerna, Ruth Foley, Anthony Frame, Bernard Grant, Sara Henning, Ioana Ireonim, Madison Jones IV, Marilyn Kallet, Gennady Katsov, Ken Lamberton, Tom Leskiw, Denise Low, Dennis Maloney, Wendy Mnookin, Jorge Sanchez, darlenne anita scott, Sarah Seltzer, Julia Stein, Wally Swist, Philip Terman, Jon Tribble, Shaun Turner, Donna Vorreyer, Wang Wei, Kim Myung Won & our first 4 contest winners: William Hawkins, Susanna Lang, Julie Jeanell Leung, & Mobi Warren. 

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Vol 1: Cover by Cole Thompson - click pic to purchase
Vol 1: Cover by Cole Thompson – click pic to purchase

Our first print issue (2012-2013) is still available. The anthology is a selection from the writing of our first year plus new unpublished work.

It includes art by Cole Thompson and writings from: Anastasiya Afansieva, Debbie Bacharach, Rosa Alice Branco, Eduardo Chirinos, Suzanne Cope, Karen Craigo, Karen Donley-Hayes, Sue Ellis, Berdjouhi Esmerian, Orit Gidali, Carol Hebald, Esther Altshul Helfgott, Paul Hostovsky, Joy Ladin, Peter Leight, Roz Leisher, Lyn Lifshin, Matthew Lippman, Chris Lowe, Neil Mathison, Kelly McQuain, Linda Pastan, Terry Persun, Marge Piercy, Gary Presley, Abbigail N Rosewood, Rumi, Carla Sarett, Steven Sher, Myra Sklarew, Adrienne Su, Chuck Teixeira, Martin Willitts Jr, Kirby Wright, Thelma Zirkelbach, and Claire Zoghb.

The cost is $6.50. Not much for quality reading & to help support the arts!


Please also check out Volume 1 and 2 of our  Delphi Poetry Series, published by Blue Lyra Press. More info here.

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