Issue 2.2 Summer 2013

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"The Bird and the Eggman" Art by Bernardo Medina
“The Bird and the Eggman” Art by Bernardo Medina


Joy Ladin | Letter To Jonah
Peter Leight | Submarine

Matthew Lippman | In The Basement Of The Holy House*
Benjamin Norris | For The Days

Howard Schwartz | The Angel Of Ripeness
Patty Seyburn | Lightning 1882-1890
Steven Sher | A Lesson In Extending Compliments | William Shumway’s Painting Of A Rose
Judith Skillman | If Miranda
Robert Stout | Cactus In The Rocked-off Grove In Front Of The Tourist Motel
Claire Zoghb | Skunk

*Best of the Net 2013 Finalist


Tiff Holland | Hungry
Tim Tomlinson | B.A.R.
Kirby Wright | Burt And The Christmas Tree 


"Hummingbird" Art by Christopher Woods
“Hummingbird” Art by Christopher Woods

"Blues Corridor" Art by Rose Blouin
“Blues Corridor” Art by Rose Blouin


Deborah Bacharach | The Mikvah Hike
Sheryl Clough | Under Sand And Shadow
Iris Dorbian | A Prayer In Times Square
Sue Ellis | Living On The Edge
Berdjouhi Esmerian | Frog Legs
Nina Ramsey | What I Know About Marmots

Artist Spotlight:  

Susan Bee

Leib Kvitko | A Silence
**Rose Waldman

Peretz Markish | The Heap (15)
**Rose Waldman 
Agi Mishol | She Dog
**Joanna Chen
Stella Vinitchi Radulesc | The Earth Begins
**Luke Hankins

**Indicates translators

"Morning After The Rain" Art by Linda Woods
“Morning After The Rain” Art by Linda Woods