Issue 3.4 Summer 2014

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"Think" Art by Tommy Ingberg
“Think” Art by Tommy Ingberg

"Passage" Art by Tommy Ingberg
“Passage” Art by Tommy Ingberg

"Hollow" Art by Tommy Ingberg
“Hollow” Art by Tommy Ingberg


Isaac Black | Hiroshima
Charlie Bondhus | Jeffrey Dahmer Talks to His Father
Bill Brown | Ladders
Ruth Foley | Benthos | Consolation
Risa Denenberg | Tisha B’av
Anthony Frame | Everything I Know I Learned from Kermit the Frog
Denise Low | Garden of William Burroughs | Crop Duster Plane
Cindy Hunter Morgan | Columbia, 1859
Elisabeth Murawski | The Birthday Party
Jean Nordhaus | On the Road to Qumran
Lee Slonimsky | Pythagoras’s Bees | Mid-Autumn Languages of Trees
Cheryl Snell | Reinventing the Wheel


Migara de Silva | Of Fences-
Mike Koenig | The Lost Ones
Robert Joe Stout | A Big and Wonderful Now
Leslie Santikian | An Old Fashioned Voice


Kurt Caswell | Haboob
Sigrid Erro | Bones
Danusha Goska | Star Tattoo

J.W. Young | Big Dumb Baby


Katrine Marie Guldager | The Car Accident | **Lindy Falk van Rooyen
Fernando Valverde | Snow Covered Landscape | ** Liam Walke 

Spotlight on an Artist:

Richard Tuschman

Book Reviews:

Christopher Lowe | When You’re Down By The River | review by B. Kari Moore
Jake Marmer | Jazz Talmud | review by Shlomo Liberman

Jake Adam York | Abide | review by Simon Seamount

**Indicates translators