Issue 3.5 August 2014

Special Focus on 10 Singapore Poets

Guest Edited by Jee Leong Koh

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Leong Liew Geok | After Wordsworth | Air Conditioning | CNY | Soliloquy

Yeow Kai Chai | The Ghost Writer | From Z to A, a Zoetrope with Spiracles | From A to Z, a Glamorous Zoetrope Names Parts of Singapore’s Latest New Town via Gemstones, Female Singers and Outer Space Phenomena

Grace Chia | Swallow | Tingle | Decal Duplex

Alvin Pang | Karung Guni Daughter | Obituary | Liverpool Easter

Christine Chia | bloom | irony | finally

Cyril Wong | Taxi | Hotel | Mindfulness

Pooja Nansi | Watching my man polishing his shoes | Exile | Dear Alvin

Aaron Maniam | Off Kilter | Almost

Tania De Rozario | Red

Joshua Ip | put down the phone | buzzed

ESSAYJee Leong Koh | New Poems by Ten Singapore Poets: A Postscript