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"Light Painter" Art by Tang Yau Hoong
“Light Painter” Art by Tang Yau Hoong

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Blue Lyra Review is comprised of a team of professional editors who volunteer their time to bring together the most moving creative pieces from around the world. To continue providing our readers with amazing stories, essays, poems, and art, as well as spreading the word about all the talented professionals presented in the journal, we need your help. Please support our journal by making a contribution below. Every donation counts. Donations will go into making Blue Lyra Review’s first print anthology, which we hope to release by the end of 2013. Our second goal is to raise money for AWP presence. All proceeds from this anthology will then be donated to the 3 charities we support along with maintaining the journal.

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The Impossible Wish by Pepa Cometa
The Impossible Wish by Pepa Cometa

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