Manuscript Editing-Mentoring

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The editor of Blue Lyra Review (M. E. Silverman) now offers poetry manuscript consults through email at $24.99 per 20 pages or $89.99 for full manuscripts above 60 pgs. A real deal in comparison!Send to bluelyrareview at gmail dot com in word attachment. Please include name, what you are looking for, and manuscript with bio and acknowledgment pages. I will send you a link to Paypal or if you prefer check, an address will be provided.

What does this entail? First, it is strictly for poetry only – however, please contact us for other genres as we may or may not depending on that editor’s workload.

Second, be aware that many of these manuscripts seen have now been published! If you look online, most places charge a min. of $150 – $500! This is your opportunity to get an editor’s eye, one who is an avid reader and passionate wordsmith!

This will include:

a general overall critique (order, content, stanza arrangement, what is working and what is not, etc.) of a manuscript of poetry!

My main priority is to improve what is there, giving the writer a perspective of what is publishable, what is memorable, what is working, what is not working, & what might be changed or rearranged. In other words: focus on the big picture!

Again, this is not a line by line comment (although I do comment on some lines and give suggestions). The critique is from the perspective of a careful editor and avid reader.  I will focus on order (if you request it) but also what poems I feel should be included and/or excluded from the group. I will be thinking of it as a manuscript so please include all the information as if you will be submitting it for publication! If possible, I may get comments or feedback from other writers I know to add a paragraph of comments which may or may not support my views on the critique.

Please include cover page, table of contents, and acknowledgment page. I am commenting on the manuscript as a whole!



Also, we list manuscript critiques from other writers and sites here.


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