Peter J. Grieco

Peter J. Grieco is a Ph.D graduate of SUNY Buffalo where he wrote his dissertation on working-class poetry. A former school bus driver, he has taught at universities in Ankara, Turkey; Seoul, South Korea; and Buffalo, NY, his native city where he studies French and is finishing his degree in Mathematics Education.  Publications include At the Musarium, a chapbook of semi-procedural verse based on word frequency lists, and the essay “The Clabber Dreg in the Glom,” (Published  in New Writing: The International Journal for the Practice and Theory of Creative Writing) which reflects on the composition of that series.


Pear Boughs 

hang green & high
from aged sun
down to vast unseen
coinciding, briefly
with a peculiar opacity
balanced between
blinding source
& blinded depth.

Vast green pears
slow burning
baiting our response
heavy bottomed
draped like Eve
in green, repeating slow
Danann poses
angled out of dangling

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